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Computer Science

Code: The New Literacy

Computer science and computational thinking skills are in high demand. Nine out of 10 parents want their child to study computer science, but only 1 in 4 schools teach computer programming. Job opportunities are growing at a rate of 4x the graduates to fill them. In this session, we will use Code.org to create an app and code without a computer. Then we will work with some programmable bots in an effort to bring the coding into the real world! Skills of computational thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, persistence and problem solving will be our focus. Use this session as a springboard to get code into your classroom!

Computer Science: From Unplugged to Physical

With so much talk about computer science it can be hard to get a good picture of what it looks like in the classroom. Come in and spend some time learning how students at Momilani are learning CS from K-6. Walk away with a better understanding of how it all fits together and where to start. Learn about teaching computer science using anything from cards to circuit boards. Let’s get hands-on from unplugged to physical!

Digital Storytelling Through PlayLab

Statistics show that 63% of households have at least one person that plays video games. Surprisingly, it isn’t just the kids either, the average age of game players is 35 years old. Empower your learners by bringing game design into your classroom. Provide your students with an opportunity to experience the design process by designing, testing, and prototyping. Challenge them and watch as they express themselves in innovative and creative ways. Come and learn how to incorporate PlayLab and Game design into your classroom!

Wearable Technology with Micro:bits

In this session you will learn about computer science and physical computing! Micro:bits are easy to use pocket sized computers. Physical computing is when software and hardware interact with the analog world. We will use MakeCode with our Micro:bit sensors to make wearable technology. Whether you are just starting out with computer science, or are looking to take your program to the next level, this session will spark ideas and expand your options!

Computational Thinking with Dash&Dot

Computational thinking is a skill many industries are looking for in the future workforce. One of the best ways to help students gain these skills is to combine robots and a challenge! Spend some time with the Momilani students and learn how to bring this to your classroom. In this session you will get some hands on time with the Dash & Dot robots while taking on the challenge!

Game-based Learning

Getting Started with Minecraft

So you have seen Minecraft, you understand the powerful learning tool it can be...but now what? In this workshop, teachers will review the aspects of Minecraft that make it engaging to students. With a firm understand of the many roles Minecraft can play in a lesson, teachers will work on completing a map to integrate a topic of concept. This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to the many building tools and educational features available to them when creating the ultimate learning environments.

Creating Engaging Classrooms with Minecraft

One of the biggest challenges a teacher faces with students is engagement. There is vast untapped potential with game-based learning tools to engage our students once again. Address curriculum standards while encouraging complex thinking, problem solving, and collaboration in an online learning environment through the use of Minecraft. In this workshop teachers will gain hands-on experience, from beginner to builder, using Minecraft as a teaching tool while participating and discussing the merits of learning in this environment.

Survive and Thrive in a Minecraft Ahupua’a

The Momilani Development Group (MDG) has commissioned teams to research, develop and thrive in a new land! The MDG has recently purchased a remote untouched island for research focused on how individuals and groups deal with conflict, cooperation, and interdependence within an ahupua'a. Success will depend on the team's abilities as critical thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators. Come and see how the 4th grade students of Momilani Elementary not only studied about the ahupua’a, but were immersed in it through the virtual world of Minecraft. Hear tales of epic struggles for survival and heroic deeds of a thriving culture.

Bloxels: Tell Your Story

When students build games, they become the writers, artists, designers, and developers of their own interactive stories. Bloxels provides an great platform to introduce students to game design. Come on in, and learn how you can engage your students in writing and storytelling while providing them with a voice. This session will have you working to create your story! Let's get hands-on with Bloxels and create a game based on the Story Builder Cards!

engineering and design

Ready, Set, Animate! with LEGO Movie Maker

Before Minecraft, there was LEGO! Before movies there was pictures! Engage students in an activity that can span any content area or standard while allowing students to express learning through creative stop motion animations. During this hands on workshop participants will use the LEGO Movie Maker iOS app to create short stop motion animations. You bring the device with the app installed, I will bring the LEGO, together we will make learning entertaining!

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