Computer Science K5 CS Fundamentals Training - Hawaii is offering free workshops for K-5 educators and content-area teachers interested in teaching the elementary school computer science curriculum. The workshop will cover content for three courses and teachers will receive the supplies they need to teach the course at no cost. The workshop will be led by experienced K-5 Affiliates. Participants will learn how to teach computer science skills such as critical thinking, logic, persistence and creativity in problem-solving aligned to all subject areas.

Computer science and computational thinking skills will be addressed through hands-on "unplugged" and online activities, including computer programming and coding. Skills of a computer scientist through the computational thinking practices of creativity, collaboration, communication, persistence and problem solving will be emphasized. Computer science themes of algorithms, data, abstraction, computing practice and programming, computers and communication devices, and community, global and ethical impacts.

What Teachers Are Saying

Shane has been providing professional development opportunities around the State of Hawaii through presentations or workshops focused on bringing computer science into the classroom. Since August 2015, he has trained almost 800 teachers in Hawaii.

"This was definitely one of the best workshops that I have attended since my time in the DOE. It was exciting, engaging, and very pertinent to our kids future. I wish that more workshops offered were to this caliber. The instructor was fun, entertaining, and knowledgeable, and kept the class moving at a consistent pace. Thank you so much for this opportunity!" Honolulu, HI

"He made coding very easy to understand for even those who had zero experience. I left there feeling inspired to share my newly-acquired knowledge and ready to learn more coding!" Pearl City, HI

"Mahalo for an excellent experience. The practical and inspirational content and style of the learning helped me to feel more confident leading coding learning in my classroom and hopefully beyond my classroom." Kea'au, HI

This was literally the best PD day I have ever been to. I am so inspired to jump right in, and I wish my school and district were more aware of the importance of teaching coding and computer science to our students. However, even if there isn't yet a lot of awareness about how important this is in Hawaii, I will definitely expose my students (and my former and future students) to coding as much as possible. I am truly grateful for the free and well-designed PD day, and the wealth of resources on the site. Thank you!!! Waimea, HI

Local Workshops

Kaunakakai Elementary School

Molokai, Hawaii

Full Day Workshop

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Momilani Elementary School

Oahu, Hawaii

Full Day Workshop

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Saturday, April 20, 2018


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Workshops include:

  • In person instruction
  • Swag Bags
  • Printed curriculum guide
  • Certificate of completion

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