Shane Asselstine is the curriculum and technology coordinator at Momilani Elementary School in Pearl City, Hawaii. When he first started at Momilani in 2004, Shane taught in the 4th grade, where he maximized the fifteen available computers in his lessons on a regular basis. Part of his responsibilities now include maintaining, planning, and integrating the over 500 computers in the 1:1 program. Besides teaching staff to utilize technology to increase productivity and communication, Shane teaches 240 students each week from third to sixth grade, with a focus on technology, computer science, digital citizenship and CCSS through game-based learning.

As an advocate of game based learning, he utilizes games like MinecraftEdu, KSPEdu, and Contraption Maker by leveraging game mechanics to engage students in his classroom. Understanding the value of GBL and specifically MinecraftEdu as an educational tool, Shane assists teachers from around the globe with both technical and pedagogical support in bringing MinecraftEdu into their own classes. He is also a contributing member of the MinecraftEdu World Share where he shares the worlds and lesson he has created.

Shane has presented in many venues, from local schools to the ISTE2015, on the use of GBL and Minecraft in the classroom. He also provides workshops that take users from beginners to builders to integrators. Last summer, he was asked to be a contributing author in the book Minecraft in the Classroom. Recently Scholastic MATH Magazine did an article featuring his class and the use of Minecraft to teach math.

Contact Information

Google Plus: +ShaneAsselstine
Twitter: @HikariKishi